Our Unique Approach

Structural Chiropractic vs. Traditional Chiropractic


Traditional Chiropractic

Traditional chiropractors focus on goals like decreasing muscular spasm, increasing range of motion, and reducing pain. This is how most chiropractors practice, and I believe most of them are great at what they do. It falls under the umbrella category of temporary symptom relief/symptom management.


Structural Chiropractic

Structural Chiropractors take an engineering approach to the spine. Not only do we want you to feel better, we want to SEE evidence that your spine has changed for the better.

We do not use subjective measurements like feel or touch to determine how to take care of you. Our office uses:

Precision Digital Structural Measurements


Neuro-Thermal Analysis


Real-Time Objective Functional Movement Data


We measure everything Objectively

By getting accurate and precise measurements on your spine, it allows us to deliver a very exact and accurate correction to help your body get back to Normal Structure; where your body heals best.


Of course our services aren’t for everyone. However, if you are tired of constantly patching the problem and you’re looking for a long term solution that you can both feel AND see for yourself, then Specific Chiropractic may be the right place for you. Once the foundation has been fixed, then we’ll teach you how to keep it that way through a Protection Plan designed for your spine, so that the problem doesn’t come back.