The Process

Step 1

You will have a 1-on-1 sit down Consultation with the Doctor and have a conversation about your health history. A consultation is simply a conversation NOT a commitment. We aren’t the correct solution for everyone so we need to make sure that this office is the right place for you.

Step 2

Following a complimentary consultation, you will be given the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive structural examination. Unlike some other chiropractic offices where the exam is done in 15 minutes by someone other than the doctor, this exam will be thoroughly performed by Dr. Floryan to identify the nature of your structural shift. The exam will include…

•Digital Structural Evaluation

•Precision Digital Evaluation

•Digital Structural Radiographs

•Objective Functional Tests

Step 3

We will perform a complete analysis on all the information collected. If we find the presence of a Structural Shift in the spine then we will put together a specific plan in order to meet your health needs.

Step 4

If a Structural Shift in the spine is confirmed then a follow up conference will be scheduled. This is where the doctor will sit down and go over the results, findings of the examination, and options for care.

Step 5

Many people are nervous or don’t know what to expect. Due to this we explain everything that we will be doing specific to you and why. Once this is completed you will receive your first correction.

Are you ready for a consultation?

Would you like to talk with Dr. Floryan about your health concerns? Schedule a complimentary consultation for a review of your health history. A consultation is simply a conversation NOT a commitment.