Hi, I’m Dr. Kyle Floryan


As a volleyball player what first drove me to a chiropractor was persistent lower back pain after practices and games. While that was the reason that catapulted me into this career, I’ve come to have an even greater passion by being able to help others that haven’t found a solution anywhere else. This is what drove me to focus my attention on Structural Chiropractic.


When I was practicing more traditional chiropractic I was able to help a lot of people with neck and back pain, but I always knew I wanted to do more. After years of post-graduate training and focusing on the small intricate details of the spine and how it relates with the nervous system, I had a comprehensive solution to help people find hope and relieve chronic neurological issues like:


•Balance issues
•Bed wetting (kids)
•Fatigue/Sleep issues


Within weeks most patients start noticing their bodies functioning better, and within a few short months many feel almost completely normal again.






Hi, I’m Dr. Autumn Cussen

After seeing the mainstream medical model fail to help people very close to me I knew I wanted to help others in a different way. I wanted to help find the cause of one’s problems and not just focus on the symptoms that were presenting. I was fortunate to start chiropractic care when I was a kid and I knew firsthand, how life changing chiropractic care can be. This is when I discovered how chiropractic story was way bigger than neck and back pain. I began my chiropractic journey at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, IA.

A few years after graduation, I was seeing that our kids are sicker now than ever before and I realized that I had a duty to these kids to help in any way I can. I decided to get additional training through the international chiropractic pediatric association (ICPA). I can easily say it was one of the best decisions I have made. Since expanding my knowledge to kids, my eyes are now open to not just what is contributing to the sickness of these kiddos but how to help them! My training and experience has grown my expertise to help moms and kids (birth – 18 yrs) with:

•Changes and growth during pregnancy
•Post delivery healing for mom and baby
•Children with sleeping difficulties
•Breastfeeding and latching troubles
•Developmental delays: ADHD, autism, speech challenges, social issues, learning disabilities, sensory issues, and other motor delays
•Children who are frequently sick


Our goal is to help as many families and kids as possible reach their full neurological and health expression!